Brick Cave Podcast

So, if you have follower Brick Cave for any length of time, you know we have a long history in Audio, and Podcasting.

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This is our latest show, The Brick Cave Podcast.

The premis is simple- this show is about YOU, as a reader of Brick Cave Books. Some episodes might have one of our authors, or one of our staffers, or event a blast from the past and have someone you may not have heard or seen from in a long time. But the focus is on readers, and we are always going to be looking for readers that want to talk about the books we publish.

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So, how do you get involved?

Well, you read the books. Your Join the online discussion on Facebook or Goodreads. Then, when we do a call for reader guests (on either of those two channels), you answer the call.

Hosted by BC Ceo Bob Nelson, join us as we explore the book we publish on a totally new level.

Healers Mckinney
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Wohn Rueal
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Sbttb Privitera
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