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We are a small rag-tag group of volunteers that make Brick Cave tick...


bob nelson

Bob Nelson

See Bob's Author Page

jenn buzz

Jenn Labuz

Jenn has a masters in education, giving her free roam to try out all sorts of new ideas. By day she teaches with the Head Start program and enjoys the arts and sciences lessons the most. When she's not teaching, she can be found working on writing, films, and creating art for her Etsy shop.

Her role(s) with Brick Cave vary, from event planning, to mission control, to making sure everybody else is aware of how similar any particular day is to an episode of Twin Peaks. Her staff Sith Lord name is Darth Buzz.

amber ghallagher

Amber Gallagher
Creator Relationships

Born and raised in Arizona, Amber currently lives with her husband Josh and their dog Sandy in Mesa. After receiving her Bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University, she spends her free time painting, gardening, reading and traveling as much as possible. Amber is a co-author of the Dysfunctional Family Drink Book and even though she can't detect sarcasm, she loves a good pun. Her role within Brick Cave Media is to do everything Bob asked her to with a big smile! Her staff Sith Lord name is Darth Burr.

Claudia Romero

Claudia Romero
Data Management

Born and raised in California, Claudia currently lives in Ahwatukee, AZ. In her free time she enjoys traveling to Mexico, going to the beach and spending time in the great outdoors. Although she loves animals she does not own any pets. Her role within Brick Cave Media is to manage all of our top secret information.


julie Elephante Julie Elephante
Senior Editor
harmony nelson

Harmony Nelson