Headquartered in Mesa, AZ, Brick Cave Media works to take the ideas and efforts of creative people and manifest them into products and services that can be enjoyed by all.

The mission of BCM is to effectively support the creative endeavors of talented individuals that they may realize a benefit beyond the creative process. We leverage technology, and the changes in media availability of the last 15 years to build followings for the endeavors of our creators.

We Publish Books

Most of our supporters know us as the publisher of tremendous fantasy, sci-fi and poetry from the likes of Scott Woods, Sharon Skinner and J.A. Giunta. We have released over 40 books to date, and we continue to grow this potion of what we do with more books and authors each year. Today, publishing is the core of our business.

We Record Albums

Less well known, but equally important in our history is the fact that we recorded and released several spoken word albums from the likes of Bill Campana, Russ Kazmeirczak and The Klute. Ironically, before we started publishing books, our audio business was the biggest piece of Brick Cave.

We Dabble

We play in new technologies- we have produced several podcasts, filmed a full length feature film, 2 short films, and any number of other endeavors. 


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