Urban Contemporary History Month

Urban Contemporary History Month by Scott Woods

by Scott Woods


Pages (Print Edition): 118
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Poetry
ISBN-10: 1938190300
ISBN-13: 9781938190308

About The Book:

 In his second full length collection, Scott Woods further interrogates the intersection of identity and society, exposing the frequently imposed and false duality of twenty-first century Black life by a world that prefers its art and people in neat boxes. The poems of Urban Contemporary History Month navigate multiple sides of the issues it raises - police abuse, idol worship, the definition of Black culture, and the importance of the blues chief among them - chipping away at our understanding and acceptance of American life as we know it. The collection includes extended meditations on juke joint culture, art as a communal projection, and a cento comprised entirely of the first lines of Stephen King stories. Both personal and quietly polemic, Urban Contemporary History Month is a sly, knowing collection told with the trademark humor and intellectual nuance Woods is frequently praised for.


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