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Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods

Urban Contemporary History Month by Scott Woods

by Scott Woods


Pages (Print Edition): N/A
Format(s): eBook
Genre: Nonfiction/Essay

About The Book:

This collection of essays, what-ifs and tidbits contains everything writer and critic Scott Woods has publicly written and published about Prince, as well as a stack of new material written specifically for this edition. A fun, sometimes biting history with Prince from a super-fan’s perspective, Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods is not so much a reference as a unique look at his career, the meaning of his music, and an official weighing in on numerous long-standing Prince debates, such as who was greater between Prince or Michael Jackson, how many times did Prince launch a successful comeback, and which song off of every album you should listen to. Woods’ first digital-only book, it promises to be engaging, witty and a fitting memorial for one of the greatest artists music has ever produced.


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