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For each book, the change from the previous week is listed as [Rank Last Week/+ or - spots]. new books to the list are listed as 'NEW', returning to the list after being on it in the past are listed as 'RTRN'.

Number 5:

Davis Platinum 075[NEW] Platinum Magic by Bruce Davis {Profile} {Buy It}

A strong book debuting with Bruce Davis' new publisher is what Platinum Magic promised, and the book has certainly delivered. Lead up interest in the title was huge, and the book has been getting rave reviews since it's launch in January 2018. A strong debut here on the list.

Number 4:

Black MShadows 075[NEW] Moon Shadows by Colette Black {Profile} {Buy It}

There remains alot of interest in last year's new author on the block, Colette Black. This title, which debuted at Phoenix Comic Fest (then Phoenix Comicon) in 2017, has been a solid performer for the writer.

Number 3:

Skinner CnC 075[NEW] Collars and Curses by Sharon Skinner {Profile} {Buy It}

The latest from Sharon Skinner, a totally seperate (potential) series from her insanely popular Healer's Legacy books, broke her into new ground, a new genre and a whole new fan base. The book has been well received at every turn, and it's appearence here on this first list is no surprise.

Number 2:

Giunta OOTD 075[NEW] Out of the Dark by J.A. Giunta {Profile} {Buy It}

Everyone waited a long time for the conclusion to the Ascension series, and so it is no wonder that all that pent up demand continues to carry this book. And by the continued visits the page on the store receives, the book is not letting anyone down.

Number 1:

BC Anthology 400[NEW] Futurewords, A Brick Cave Anthology {Profile} {Buy It}

Brick Cave's first Anthology is the most popular book viewed on the website by far, which only makes sense when you get the best of all worlds from the stable of talented authors. 

Incarnation Vicsetnc
Available now at brickcavestore.com
Icydh Lljames
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Mirabella Barreyre
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