This week- Top 5 Store Books at Brick Cave W/E February 23rd

We look at our store constantly, and see which book are getting the most looks- and we share the top ones weekly with you and some commentary. None of the top 5 this week are surprising- all of them are the latest books by their respective authors (excepting one) and all are strong storires that are drawing attention from across the reading spectrum.

For each book, the change from the previous week is listed as [Rank Last Week/+ or - spots]. new books to the list are listed as 'NEW', returning to the list after being on it in the past are listed as 'RTRN'.

Number 5:

Davis Platinum 075[NEW] Platinum Magic by Bruce Davis {Profile} {Buy It}

A strong book debuting with Bruce Davis' new publisher is what Platinum Magic promised, and the book has certainly delivered. Lead up interest in the title was huge, and the book has been getting rave reviews since it's launch in January 2018. A strong debut here on the list.

Number 4:

Black MShadows 075[NEW] Moon Shadows by Colette Black {Profile} {Buy It}

There remains alot of interest in last year's new author on the block, Colette Black. This title, which debuted at Phoenix Comic Fest (then Phoenix Comicon) in 2017, has been a solid performer for the writer.

Number 3:

Skinner CnC 075[NEW] Collars and Curses by Sharon Skinner {Profile} {Buy It}

The latest from Sharon Skinner, a totally seperate (potential) series from her insanely popular Healer's Legacy books, broke her into new ground, a new genre and a whole new fan base. The book has been well received at every turn, and it's appearence here on this first list is no surprise.

Number 2:

Giunta OOTD 075[NEW] Out of the Dark by J.A. Giunta {Profile} {Buy It}

Everyone waited a long time for the conclusion to the Ascension series, and so it is no wonder that all that pent up demand continues to carry this book. And by the continued visits the page on the store receives, the book is not letting anyone down.

Number 1:

BC Anthology 400[NEW] Futurewords, A Brick Cave Anthology {Profile} {Buy It}

Brick Cave's first Anthology is the most popular book viewed on the website by far, which only makes sense when you get the best of all worlds from the stable of talented authors. 

2017 3rd Annual Brick Cave Meet & Greet

Join us for the 2017 Third Annual Brick Cave Author Meet and Greet,[FB Event Link] where we give you access to Brick Cave's authors, their new books, and food! Get some pictures, some signed copies and maybe some other goodies.

Saturday, September 30th 6pm-8pm
Daddy-O's Grill
4163 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85053
[Map It]

All the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry you can handle from some of the best writers in Arizona and beyond, including:

We might even have a few surprises in store for you..

Stay tuned for the updates posted on the page as to who is attending, and be sure to invite your literary inclined friends.
New to Brick Cave?

It's all free, but bring some $ for your favorite author's books :)


OK, so here is an incentive post for you... IF you are at the 2017 Third Annual Brick Cave Author Meet and Greet, you will be the first people outside Brick Cave Media Staff, the Author and the Artist to get to see the cover of the upcoming Bruce C Davis release, Platinum Magic- ANNNDDDDDD ONLY for those peeps in attendance, they will get a SUPER SPECIAL pre-order price on the Paperback of said Platinum Magic. #itsreallycool

More about the Brick Cave Reading is Magic 2018 Book Tour

Brick Cave Media Reading is Magic 2018 Book Tour

We're Hitting the Road Again!

Since 2010, we have been doing shows to promote the projects we create, and 2017 will be no different.We have six shows in mind around the Southwest United States, with additional shows being added as opportunity arises.

Gear Up!

We have partnered with Zazzle to create a special series of items featuring the tour badge (above). It's important to note, we will not have tour gear at the events for you to buy, you will need to order it in Zazzle in advance and bring it with you.

T-Shirts, Stickers, posters and more are all available with a click of the mouse/tap of the finger.

buy Brick Cave gear now

Come and Find Us:

Check the specific show pages in the Events and Appearances section of the website for the appearing authors, times and new titles being offered. Bring your gear and we may have something special for you :)

Tucson Festival of Books

is where it all starts March 10-11, 2018- it then continues...

  • LA Times festival of Books April 21-22
  • Phoenix Comic Fest May 27-28
  • Additional Stops planned in Nevada and San Diego TBA
  • Mesa Book Festival December 8


We Need Some Cancer Warriors This Week

OK, this week, we need your help. One of our Authors, Louise Robertson (FB), is riding in the 2017 Pelotonia- and she needs all our support.

The Pelotonia raises money for cancer research.

Robertson TNO 075This week, if you donate $50 or more to her effort, and you let her know you want one, Brick Cave Media will send you a copy of her The Naming Of poetry collection. Because Poetry beats Cancer every time.

Dotate here:

February 2018 Interview: Bruce Davis (Part 1 of 2)

bruce davis profile PicBruce Davis just released Platinum Magic, his latest novel, first fantasy novel, and first novel with Brick Cave Media. Bruce takes aome time to answer some questions in this two-part interview with Brick Cave Media publisher Bob Nelson.

Q: For the uninitiated, tell us a little about Bruce Davis, the writer.

Bruce: I have always been a storyteller, even before I began writing seriously. I have written stories all my life, but didn’t begin to think in terms of writing for an audience until after I finished my medical training. As many people know, I am a General and Trauma surgeon and that gives me the privilege of observing people under extraordinary circumstances. Much of what I write tries to deal with some of those circumstances and how people respond to them. If there is an overall theme to my writing it’s the big question of what makes us human. How do we demonstrate our humanity in response to adversity? Are we most human when we are being ‘noble’, or is self-preservation the truth that underlies our behavior? I personally believe in the former and many of my characters are profoundly flawed or damaged people trying to do the right thing.

As to my preference in writing, I tend to gravitate to action oriented ‘hard’ science fiction. My Profit series is science fiction crossed with a hard-boiled detective story, very noir in atmosphere. That Which is Human is straight up military science fiction, but is really about PTSD and the cost of war.  Even Platinum Magic is in some ways science fiction with fantasy elements.

I’m an amateur historian (I minored in history in college) and will bore anyone to tears with Civil War trivia. I’m a wanna-be swordsman, I collect edged weapons, I love sailing and kayaking and will talk to anyone about almost anything.

Platinum Magic by Bruce DavisQ: Tell us a little about how you approach Platinum Magic’s world- it’s fantasy, but different.

Bruce: Platinum Magic is fantasy in the sense that magic and the racial tropes of high fantasy – Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Humans and various mixes of those races – all are integral to the story. But I approached the story the same way I approach my ‘hard’ science fiction writing. That is, I developed what I like to think of as an alternate physics and then speculated on how that would play out. The setting is very modern, but different in the sense that laws of magic govern the mass production, consumer based society that has evolved, rather than the laws of Newtonian and quantum physics that govern our own modern world.

Q: Who is Simon Buckley? What’s his deal?

Bruce: Simon is a fairly simple character – he’s just a cop trying to follow his ideals of justice and the rule of law in a corrupt world. His personal life is haunted by the loss of his first real love, a loss complicated by the nature of relationships between Humans and Elves. He compensates for it by throwing himself into his work. A major inspiration for Simon was Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly’s police procedural novels (and the recent Amazon TV series). Simon is a boy scout in a cesspool. It’s why his team follows him and why Sylvie Graystorm is attracted to him.

Q: There is some heavy allegory threading through the book- intentional, happenstance?

Bruce: A little of both. Obviously the themes of racial prejudice and power relationships are a big part of the story. I didn’t set out to write a book about those things. I wanted to write a good story using fantasy tropes in a modern setting. But any complex modern society has all of the same issues that we face today, including racism, political corruption and abuse of power.

Q: This is your first Fantasy novel, but far from your first book- how did it feel to bring your experience to a new genre, and did you have to catch yourself at any point “wandering genres”?

Bruce: I don’t know that I pay much attention to what people call ‘genres’. The entire book is ‘wandering genres’ in that I am writing a crime novel of the police procedural subgenre involving characters from the high fantasy genre using magic in a very mundane way to power all the conveniences of our own modern world, just based on a different type of physics. Wow, what a run-on sentence that was! I think my previous novels were similar in that they deal with serious issues of addiction, personal loss and deciding what is right (if not always legal) in a technologically complex society. It seems no different here other than the technology happens to be based in magic as opposed to conventional physics. I purposely tried to avoid the standard sword and sorcery low tech world of much of the fantasy genre in favor of a thoroughly modern setting.

That's part 1 of the interview- Part 2 will be released February 15th, 2018... Stay tuned, and get your copy of Platinum Magic today.

2017 Brick Cave Summer Reading List

Summer is upon us, and we here at Brick Cave Media are excited to have gotten three new titles out just in time for your summer reading. Make sure you order your copies of these great new books today! Links go to the profile pages, where you can order the books from any of the stores, in any of the formats listed

Join us by using the hash tag #summerreading in your social medis and the hash tags for the titles below.


Collars and Curses by Sharon SkinnerCollars and Curses, by Sharon Skinner

#collarsancurses #marissa

Think being a High School sophomore is hard? Try doing it when your messed up genetic code turns you into a wolf every full moon. Not only does Merissa have to deal with high school divas, bullies and pop quizzes, she also has to hide the awkward truth that once a month she really does get bitchy. And just when she thinks she's found someone she to whom she can actually relate, her new classmate Bree turns out to be an arrogant witch.  


If they weren’t the only non-Norms in the entire town of Fair Glen—aside from the annoying half-Elf, Jeryd, who shows up and complicates things—Merissa might not give Bree the time of day. But when Bree is drawn into a curse that causes chaos at school and threatens the town, Merissa must find a way to vanquish the dark power behind the curse and keep her parents from finding out about it. All without failing biology.


Moon Shadows, by Colette BlackMoon Shadows, by Colette Black

#moonshadows #quintsilver

Getting busted for coming home late becomes the least of Quint Silver’s problems when he finds himself outside, beneath a full moon, in the middle of a blackout. Ethereal, humanoid creatures rise from every shadow he crosses, intent on smothering him. With Chelsea Price, the childhood friend he secretly loves, they discover the truth behind his mother's death and begin to uncover the mysteries surrounding his unpredictable gift. If his paranoid father discovers them Quint will be grounded for the rest of his teenage life. Adding to his problems, Quint has caught the interest of a magical society hidden within their community. Two clans of warring supernatural beings are vying for dominance, recruiting every soldier they can find. And they want him.



Futurewords: A Brick Cave AnthologyFuturewords: A Brick Cave Anthology


Futurewords A Brick Cave Anthology is a compilation of stories from five authors from Brick Cave Books. Sharon Skinner, J.A. Giunta, Scott Woods, Colette Black and Bob Nelson each add a story to this strong collection of science fiction.

If you have yet to introduce yourself to Brick Cave, or are curious about what's next from our talented group of creators, you definitely want to pre-order Futurewords A Brick Cave Anthology.


This month (July 2017)- Brick Cave Media is offering you a chance to get a FREE copy of our new Science Fiction anthology Futurewords: A Brick Cave Anthology. Shop in the store, and when you order $25 or more in books, posters, shirts, etc. Just enter the code "freebook17" and we'll discount the Futurewords to $0. This is a GREAT opportunity to read some of Brick Cave's best authors- check it out! #freebook #savecash #greatstories Valid ONLY until July 31st.

Included Authors

Five of Brick Cave's authors have come together to create this unique collection including:

Sharon Skinner
A young woman on a distant planet embarks upon a perilous journey, seeking a mythical place rumored to hold the answers to the questions that have haunted her since childhood, and finds a surprising personal truth.

J.A. Giunta
Time is… well… relative.

Scott Woods
Second Coming Soon
It’s the second coming and it could be the greatest comeback tour ever.

Colette Black
Swan’s Petition
Sir Richard Swan’s petition recounts the origin of his kind through the history of his forebear; a boy in love with a girl he can never have, hunted by a man he never knew, and desperate for his hereditary power as yet denied.Swan’s Petition

Bob Nelson
After a hard fought battle, the crew of the Jolly Jo look for refuge at a neutral Outpost. What they find could change the whole Human-Proximan equation.Outpost

Holidays 2017: Brick Cave eBook Starter Pack

Did you score a new device for the holidays? Looking to add some new ebooks to read?

Here are 5 great options to get your Brick Cave Library started right on any platform. Click the cover to see all the platforms available for any given title.

Skinner THL 150The Healer's Legacy
Sharon Skinner

Our most popular book. Once you read it, it will be easy to see why. Orphaned by war, haunted by unknown origins, and chased by a warlord and his army of brutal soldiers.

KIRA is a young woman with a secret. She can psychically communicate with animals. She is also on the run from her abusive mate Toril, the hero turned warlord, who led the country’s forces to victory against the outland raiders. Only that was before his love of power consumed him. Now, his only focus is on tracking down Kira and making her punishment an example of his power.


Giunta TLI 150The Last Incarnation
J.A. Giunta

One of the first books we published and a great fantasy read. The son of a trapper, raised by elves, befriended by animals, entrusted with magic, Barr was but a boy on a journey that had taken many, many lifetimes. Seeking to avenge his father’s death, he would cross into Lumintor, home to shapelings of all manner and size.


Woods Prince 075Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods
Scott Woods
eBook Exclusive

For those looking for something a little less fiction, this collection of essays on Prince is just what the fan ordered. This collection of essays, what-ifs and tidbits contains everything writer and critic Scott Woods has publicly written and published about Prince, as well as a stack of new material written specifically for this edition.


Skinnelson TTP 150Tavara Tinker: LeTour de Paris & Tavara Tinker: The Sounds of Time
Bob Nelson and Sharon Skinner
eBook & Audio Book

Available as eBook or Audio Book, these steam punk adventures are sure to keep your attention. Tavara Tinker leads a double life. By day, a proper Victorian lady. By night, deep in the heart of industrial London, she maintains a research laboratory and a steam-powered factory where she creates the clothes and weapons for a new generation of adventurer.


Giunta IS 150Immortal Sherwood
J.A. Giunta
eBook Exclusive

Set in the future, a computer programmer must deal with both his lost love and a sudden change of circumstance that could render his most recent programming effort to be his last. Written by the author of The Guardians, Keepers of the Magic series, join us in enjoying J.A. Giunta's additional tale of fantasy and science fiction.


Of course, we have many other books to choose from as well, including many eBook exclusives. So once you have powered through these great titles, a whole new world of literature awaits you.

Two Arizona Authors Launch Books with Unique Painting Event

New Y/A Books Launch Brick Cave Summer Reading

Arizona Publisher Brick Cave Media is hosting a special release party for the new Brick Cave Media releases Collars and Curses by Sharon Skinner and Moon Shadows by Colette Black. We have a special opportunity for attendees to try their hand at a little painting as well if they choose. In a truly unique opportunity, we'll hook attendees up with paint, a canvas and an easel and let them paint your own interpretation of the cover of your favorite book. We may have some prizes for the best of the night.
Thursday, June 15th, 5pm-9pm (come anytime during those hours)

The Falls Event Center
4635 E Baseline Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Registration is required at:


Author Sharon Skinner launches her new Y/A novel Collars and Curses with a fun, unique event.
About Sharon:

Sharon Skinner holds a B.A. In English, an M.A. in Creative Writing and a Poetic License. She has worked as a landscaper, a cashier, a maid, a waitress, a communications specialist, a videographer, a technical writer, a project management consultant and a biomedical field service engineer and served aboard the USS Jason as one of the first women assigned to a US Navy ship.

Her poetry and fiction have been published in myriad local, national and international publications. Sharon is an active member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and serves as the Regional Advisor for SCBWI AZ.

Her recent publishing credits include In Case You Didn’t hear Me the First Time (2010), The Healer’s Legacy (2012), The Nelig Stones (2013), Mirabella and the Faded Phantom (March 2014). The highly anticipated sequel to The Healer’s Legacy, The Matriarch’s Devise, was released in Fall 2015.
Learn More:

Author Colette Black celebrates the release of her new title Moon Shadows. It's her first book with Brick Cave Media, and it is meeting with Rave Reviews.
About Colette:

Colette was awarded the 2014 Howey Award for her sci-fi novel, "Noble Ark," and won the Coppercon 32 short story contest for "Kairos' Opportunity." Other short stories have appeared in various publications, including "Menagerie Violette," in One Horn to Rule Them All: A Purple Unicorn Anthology. For a wide collection of published and unpublished short stories, you can see her anthology, "The Black Side: Tales of Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction."
Learn More:

Colette lives in the far outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona with her family, 2 dogs, a mischievous cat and the occasional unwanted scorpion.

You can register to come by and receive a signed copy of either (or both) book(s) and for a little bit more, you can reserve your painting station for the event (painting is optional). Kids are welcome to attend at no cost, however, they must be a paid registrant to be able to paint.

Snacks and Water/Soda is provided and music will be handled by DJ Boboratory.

2018 Brick Cave Event Schedule

With an eventful year drawing to a close, we here at Brick Cave are looking ahead to 2018. Our 2017 event schedule has one show remaining, the upcoming Mesa Book Festival, an event which is organized by a lot of current and alumni Brick Cavers. Our annual expenditures for events runs in the tens of thousands of dollars, and as we came into 2017, we decided we wanted to be more effective with our appearances. Our 2018 Schedule continues to reflect that change.

This schedule does not reflect individual appearances by our Authors, which will be reflected in the Facebook Brick Cave Books and Authors Fan Group.

This schedule also does not reflect events that Brick Cave Staff is invited to as guests. Those will be listed in the Facebook page for Brick Cave Media, our Monthly Email Newsletters or here on this site in separate Blog Posts.

It is our intent to invest more heavily in these events, and encourage our followers to plan on seeing us at them.

2018 Event Schedule

Tucson Festival of Books (Scheduled)

LA Times Festival of Books (Scheduled)

Phoenix Comicon (Scheduled)

San Diego Festival of Books (Waiting on Registration to Open)

San Francisco Comic Con (Waiting on Registration to Open)

Mesa Book Festival (Scheduled)

The schedule reflects some significant changes from prior years. The schedule is also subject to change depending on opportunities and other factors. We are excited to plan for a big presence at each of these events and get the new books we have planned for 2018 into your hands.


January 2017 Project Update

Hello all friends Brick Cave. Welcome to 2017!

Hope you are ready for a big year in books, Brick Cave Books that is. If you have a favorite BC Author, they are putting out a new book. These are the updates we have, from the solid to the "this is kinda what we know without speaking out of class" So, let's get to the project updates, shall we?


The Anthology

We decided in 2015 that we wanted to publish an anthology or stories from out authors as a way to introduce them to wider audiences. That project, now title Futurewords, A Brick Cave Anthology, is just about ready to share. Starting this Wednesday, we have a cover reveal party on Facebook (link to it here) with the pre-order period following. Not going to give out too many details here, but it's a pretty cool collection.

Sharon Skinner

We focused our efforts on getting as much attention in 2016 for The Matriarch's Devise as possible, which wasn't too hard given what a great book it was. Sharon spent 2016 wrapping up her Children's book deal with Sterling (which is going to be a great book, by the way), working on her contribution to Futurewords and putting the finishing touches on her next YA book with us. Let's just say, if you are a Sharon fan, and you can be at Phoenix Comicon, you might want to make it a point to be there. We always say the newest book is the best, and we've always been right. And we are saying it again... you WILL be blown away.

Oh, but wait, there's more...

J.A. Giunta

Sharon and Mr Giunta have entered post production of a book they authored together. The project's name is forthcoming as their working title was something already being used in the genre. Joe describes it as in a similar vein as the Haven story series, but much more grounded and real. Look for that mid Summer probably, depending on how the editing goes.

Joe's next solo project is moving right along, we reviewed some cover work and are patiently waiting for the manuscript to fall into place, so we can start prepping it. Hard to guage a timeframe on it, but 2nd half of the year seems best right now.

Scott Woods

Scott has a couple projects in play for us, and we keep hitting the email "Receive" button, because we know that they are close. You will see both familiar and new sides of Scott all in the same year. He's in the Anthology as well, and we really loved the story. He's been workshopping and pulling together pieces, so it's close. Just not close enough to give you any dates.

Bill Campana

Manuscript is apparently ready, he asked us if we wanted it- we said yes (duh). It's Bill, it's going to be fantastic. The poetry books overall finished strong in 2016, we are excited to add to the shelf for 2017.

The Klute

If you've been reading his self published book this last year, we have been told there is a 2nd half to be broght together with that as Klute's next Brick Cave Book. We'll keep you posted on project status as it happens.

Colette Black

Colette is the newest Brick Caver, and we are moving her manuscript through the editing team now. It's going to be a great 1st book for her with Brick Cave, and we are eye balling late April/May for a release. Colette is also in Futurewords, so it's a great way to meet her writing style.

Louise Robertson

Rumour is she's been playing with fiction. If you were fortunate enough to meet her when she was at TFOB last year, you know what a great person she is. We're excited to see what she is coming up with.

Tavara Tinker

As if Sharon didn't have enough going on this year, yours truly is working on the next installment for Tavara Tinker. Hoping for a fall release on that.

Patrick Hare

Brick Cave was born out of the poetry community in Phoenix, and we have ALOT of poetry still to share- INCLUDING long underappreciated Patrick Hare. We have the poems, or most of them anyway, and we are starting the editing work to get them ready for a manuscript. With everything else going on, we are look at late fall for this book, but don'r be surprised if it gets nudged to 2018.

And there is even still more, we have another surprise for you in February. All that action will get us through Cirque du Livre in April and Phoenix Comicon in May.

We'll take a look next month and see how these projects have moved along- hope you'll join us on the journey.


2017 Brick Cave Holidays

It's Holiday Time Again! We are always excited to have the chanve to be that unique gift for the reader in your life. This year, we have big plans for Events and Black Friday, so here you go-


On the Web

At the, we have all of our titles ready for you to order anytime. This coming Black Friday, November 24th, and through the holiday season, we have a GREAT opportunity for you to save. Discounts daily on the site, anda very special offer:

Davis Platinum 150ON THE WEB BONUS: Get Platinum Magic, FOR FREE

One of our most hotly anticipated titles is Platinum Magic, the new fantasy from Bruce Davis. Starting NOW, through December 15th, if you order $100 or more on the the site, you will be receiving a FREE copy, signed by the author, when the book is released in December.

In Person

Come and see us at our FINAL event of the year, the December 9th Mesa Book Festival. Get copies of all your favorite Brick Cave Books, autographed, and perhapos a few special items we'll have just for those that have come out to see us.


Encryption Activated

Hi all,

   With all the fun talk of hacking and such progressing around the interwebs, we in the cave took a small but important step over the weekend by installing and encryption certificcate for both the main website ( and more importantly, for the store ( While we had made sure to protect your payment information by letting Paypal handle the sensitive details, we decided it was best to take the added step and protect your transfer of surfing data as well.

   Doing so will also have a couple of nice side benefits regarding the store, which we will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

  As always, let us know if you have any questions (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and hope your holidays are hummiing along nicely.


Introducing the Cave Crew Program at Brick Cave Media

Cave Crew


For some time we have wanted to expand our reach and include more people in what we do. We know there are a lot of fans of Brick Cave that have offered to help us, as we are a small publisher. One of the biggest areas that we have needed help is at events. Often, with only one or two of us available to set up at a particular event, it stretches us pretty thin to have to work the weekend at full tilt- then break everything down and load it up to bring home.

So, we thought about how we could ask for help and make that worth the time for those that would like to help us. Thus, the Brick Cave "Cave Crew" concept was born.

The Cave Crew are teams of Brick Cavers that support Brick Cave's Event Operations.

A Cave Crew is a 2 or 3 person team whose role is:

  • Assist Staff in load in and booth set up.
  • Work in small shifts in the booth, greeting attendees and helping them buy the best book for their reading needs.
  • Assist in tear down and packing of Booth following the event. 


There are a number of advantages to being a Cave Crew member:

  • Depending on the event, Cave crew will receive full access passes for the event and are free to enjoy the event when they are not assisting.
  • Cave Crew will never be hungry while they are at an event (because we will feed them)
  • Cave Crew will receive discounts on Brick Cave merchandise and get first access to new products.
  • Cave Crew have Custom T's to show the world they are a part of something special.


Every qualifying event that you are a crew member on, you'll earn a Dragon. Those team members that earn the most Dragons will be recognized at the annual Brick Cave Meet and Greet, where you can accept the thanks of the authors and creators whose work you support in your efforts.


We're looking for leaders. Organize a crew and brand your team. As consistent teams prove their worth, we'll give them custom gear to show their pride.

If you would like to join a Cave Crew for a particular event or events, Cave Crews are being formed right now for our remaining 2017 events and our 2018 events. Jenn Labuz is in charge of the program; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email her with some information about yourself or questions about the program.


BC December 2016 Updates

It is December 2016-

And boy has it been busy. Let's update the scorecard, shall we? in September, we passed our 2015 book sales total, so we have again been in record sales territory for this year (year six, for those of you keeping track at home)

Thank you to everyone in San Antonio and San Francisco for being new to us and embracing us at your respective conventions (San Francisco Comic Con and Alamo City Comic Con) with much love and eager readers.

   Thank you as well to the fine pop culture fans of Tucson Comic Con for another great year.

Almost Done :)

We have one more event for the year, a Holiday Meet & Greet that we are hosting December 10th from 10:00am-12:00pm at Inside the Bungalow. We hope you can join us and pick up some books for your holiday needs.

Which brings us to the next big piece of news:

We have a new office. Indeed, we have enjoyed out time with Lulubell Toy Bodega- and trust us- we are not done working together on awesome projects. We knew from the beginning that Lulu was probably going to be changing locations in November, and so we all planned and executed pretty perfectly. So, we found ourselves a nice office at Inside the Bungalow (see picture), where we will be for awhile. Stay tuned to the BC facebook page for more pictures and such as the space evolves.

The Nice part? Lulu ended up literally just on the other side of the Idea Museum from us, and we are planning plenty of debauchery over the next few months once the calendar changes- so you can be ready for that.

Cirque is Ready for You

We are again heavily involved in the Cirque du Livre Writer's Conference, and you can register right now and get a discount on your registration. Everyone had a great time last year and we have already started planning for the huge influx of 2017 attendees. You should be one of them, we would love to meet you!

That's it for now, but if you have not, Get Subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss anything.

- Bob