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Brick Cave Media Announces New Patreon

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Calling it the "Book Club... of Awesome!" Brick Cave Media will be launching their new Patreon Campaign on October 26, 2018 through the crowdfunding platform.

"We are excited to be able to galvanize the community of readers we have met over the last eight years to create new books, and new opportunities for readers to get the books by the authors they love." says Bob Nelson, Brick Cave Media's Publisher and CEO.

"We are ready to step it up a notch, and Patreon lets us both create a stable funding source and ensures we are staying true to our mission, which is to connect more readers with our books." emphasizes Mr. Nelson.

Between now and the launch date, additional information about the campaign will be released, culminating in a launch facebook live event the evening of Thursday, October 25th.

What's included in the Patreon?

The campaign will have separate tiers of participation, with each level having increasing benefits and access to more Brick Cave content. In addition to books, the campaign offers:

  • Commemorative and exclusive Bookmarks
  • Book Promotional Posters
  • Access to special Audio content
  • Hangouts with Brick Cave Authors & Staff
  • Discounts up to 80% at
  • Opportunities to receive Patron exclusive new books
  • And more! (We couldn't tell you EVERYTHING, you'll have to check it out)

How Can You Be Notified at Launch?

Once live, the Patreon Brick Cave Media page will be available at:

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