Upcoming, Brick Cave Media Indie Go Go Campaign Starts Next Thursday!

So, we have been for awhile working on a campaign for Indie Go Go. We think we have a pretty compelling message, and we have alot to do. Unfortunately, our resources are a little thin to really break through and make some headway, so we are going to ask for your help.

We’ve got a pretty great list of thank you gifts, which I’ll save for the official launch on Next Thursday, but I will share one with you now…

The theme of the Campaign is “I give a brick!“, and for anyone that gives a brick ($10), we are going to build a virtual “wall”, of the names of the donors (it will be online at http://wall.brickcavemedia.com. Our hope is to fill the screen (any screen), with bricks from donors.

We’ve set up a sort of Command Central, here, where we will keep you updated on the progress of the Campaign. We hope you’ll join us, and support us as we continue to develop our vision of how we can leverage technology to support independent artists. We’ll be posting more details in the coming days, so check back in as we get ready for the next big leap for us as an organization.

So, what’s the plan?

You know, you should never ask for contributions if you don’t know what we are going to do with them, and we’ve given alot of thought to our efforts:

4 Businesses, equal treatment.

So, in case you’re new to us, we handle four lines of business, Print, Audio, Art and Film. Each of those areas has needs, from materials to equipment. The money we will raise will be allocated evenly between them.

Promotion. For the most part, we intent to promote our creators, and what they’ve created. That what our job is. So we’ll be looking to expand our promotional outreach, looking for creative ways to share our message. We intend to develop a Post Card network, and do additional work on our email list. We are looking at more promotional methods as well.

Equipment. Some of our artists need some help to create, and we provide that help as best we can. Sometimes it’s a six or seven year old laptop, some drawing supplies, or what have you.But we need to have it, to make it available, and we have started to run out of those resources.

Infrastructure. Things like using E-Junkie.com, that saves us a ton of hassle to run an e-store, but those solutions have higher startup costs, and we need to have the resources in place to use those tools, until we get enough monthly income to support them.

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