The Last Full Week of Poetry Smackdown

So, here we are in February, enjoying a great opportunity here in Brick Cave Media Land to celebrate our Poetry Collection. We thought, as we do on occasion here (thinking, that is) we would promote a little friendly competition between the poets and see who has a better February.

All of the books below are available from multiple outlets as eBooks, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes and others. Some are even available as books in print.

You should check out the books, and the writers:

The Klute (bio here). The Klute has 4 books out to date, three of which are currently available through Brick Cave Books (and the 4th is on the way). We’ll start with the three.

Escape Velocity, by The KluteEscape Velocity (2002) is an early Klute, still deciding between becoming the sarcastic machine of the future or sticking to some more traditional poetry themes and styles.Brick Cave Books just released this as an eBook in February, so it is a great opportunity to peek into the early development of The Klute.






My American Journey, by The KluteMy American Journey… (2008) Clearly, by this release, Klute has found his stride and produces some of the best poetry to close out the first decade of the new century. I think he says it best in the introduction, “No one profited more from the Bush years than I did. No one. Not Halliburton. Not the Saudi royal family.”






Hate You Can Trust, by The KluteHate You Can Trust (2010) Fierce in his continued growth and development of his craft, he had lamented in 2008 with the victory of Obama in the Presidential campaign that his primary source and motivator had eroded. It would not take him long to realize that American Politics provides endless ammunition, and in 2010, he released what many consider to be his best work to date.





Sharon Skinner (bio) & J.A. Giunta (bio) But The Klute’s not the only viable poetry candidate for this month’s trophy. Both of Brick Cave’s Major fantasy writers’ J.A. Giunta and Sharon Skinner, each have a collection of their own.

Sharon Skinner poetryIn Case You Didn’t Hear Me The First Time (2011) is the first book Sharon released with Brick Cave Books, and a powerful testament to her writing prowess. Combined with several tremendous short stories, this is a fantastic read. and, our 2011 Pushcart prize nominee.






The Collected Poetry of J.A. Giunta, Volume IThe Collected Poetry of J.A. Giunta (2010) is just that, fantasy Author J.A. Giunta’s poetry released in two volumes. While most of BCBook’s authors write in free verse, Joe’s poetry decidedly take a turn to format. Some might find it a refreshing change.






Bob Nelson (bio) rounds out our list for this week, with his newest book release coming just a few days ago.

Spectrum, by Bob NelsonSpectrum (2012) provides the print backup for two of Bob’s spoken word albums, Boboratory and Poems In The Key of Greed. The works, as the title suggests, cover a wide range of ground, both internally and externally.






So, there you have it, the great February Poetry Competition here at Brick Cave Books. Pick one up, and enjoy the journey.

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