The Brick Cave Media Referral Program

We at Brick Cave Media today are proud to announce our new Affiliate program, allowing you to earn 5% on purchases that your referred clients make.

The program is simple, you sign up here (through our technology partner E-Junkie), and add the code to your website, emails or other web spaces. When customers click the link, they will land at our “Super Master Product Page” with easy purchase links for a wide range of Brick Cave Products. They buy, and you receive a commission for the sale.

The program is great for fundraising for your local club or reading group. Or if you are a fan of a particular author or artist.

We pay our affiliates by the 15th of the month following the month of earnings, with a minimum payout of $10.

Oh Yeah, The Bonus….

Ok, so we know we aren’t the biggest internet retailer on the internet, and that we aren’t EXACTLY carrying subconscious name recognition (yet), but we think we make some pretty cool stuff, so from now until June 30th, we are actually going to TRIPLE the earnings to 15% for the Affiliate Network. It’s our way of saying “Hey, come on in and have a cup of coffee or tea, and help us do something really cool”.

So, please join us, we have something to offer….

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