Starting off with a Chaotic Bang…

So if you have ever been to the site before, you’ve obviously noticed some changes. They are changes we have been working on for awhile and the transition has been slow going. But, today, we are starting to “phase out” of previous generation of websites for Brick Cave Art, Audio, Books and Film- and starting to phase in a new set of consistent and hopefully more tightly integrated family of website that will draw more visitors.

this is about taking Brick Cave Media to another level, and it is going to take some time for us to bring all four sites up to speed. But we hope you enjoy the new look, and the new integration.

We anticipate a number of opportunities in the transition, and if you find one, please don’t hesitate to let us know,

Old Data

There are going to be a number of things that won’t be moving with us, some by intent, and some by coincidence. If you have any questions about something that was there, but is now gone, drop us a note.

The Store

A few days ago, the first change we made was to post a message on the Brick Cave Store site advising that the store was going to be shut down. We should have purchase links added to most all of the individual websites for each product, so we found that the store really wasn’t a good use of web development monies. So, you’ll see ‘add to cart’ buttons around all of the websites- use them, they are all integrated, so you can buy a book, CD and film and pay for them all in one transaction. We kinda like it, anyway.

The Blog Posts

One other big change, is that our various industry specific blog posts that we had put in the past on each individual site, will now be centralized here, with feeds out to the various sites of the relevant posts. That means that the Brick Cave world centralizes here, and gives you a better overall picture of what is happening in that world.

That’s really about it for the moment, we are still working overtime, so we really should get back at it.

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