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Brick Cave Media’s current office is a home office in a residence (if you are interested in helping us find an inexpensive business space, see investor information).

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Brick Cave Media (and associate businesses) Timeline


Bob Nelson and Joe Giunta start Anthology magazine, a poetry magazine in Phoenix. Anthology would become Anthology, inc., a leading Arizona Literary nonprofit.

Bob Nelson also starts the Mesa Poetry Slam.


First album of spoken word material, Ravensong, is recorded with artist Raven Hail.


Joe Giunta leaves Anthology to pursue tech opportunities.


Bob Founds Inkwell Press to handle the publishing of Anthology, as well as other projects, such as audio recordings. Inkwell Press also begins offering PDF’s of the magazine online through their website.


With friend Jordan Dorf, Bob Nelson launches The Spoken World Show, a pioneering internet radio show.


First Mesa Poetry Slam live album in recorded.


Inkwell Press shutters, and Anthology becomes a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Bob makes several Mesa Slam CD’s available as MP3’s online in various stores for the first time.


Work begins on The Hit List, which will be Brick Cave Media’s first official product.


Brick Cave Media officially launches. Brick Cave Media acquires the rights to publish Audio from several artists, including Bob Nelson and Sharon Skinner. Work begins on Sacrifice, the first film project of the organization.


Brick Cave Media acquires the rights to publish the works of J.A. Giunta. Sacrifice is shown publicly for the first time. Brick Cave Media launches publishing efforts. By the end of 2011, Brick Cave’s book catalog exceeded 25 titles.


Sacrifice is released, work begins on Yellowstone Sunset. Brick Cave Media acquires the rights to publish Sharon Skinner and several other writers. Brickcavebooks.com, Brickcaveart.com, Brickcaveaudio.com, Brickcavefilms.com are launched. New Albums by spoken word artists Russ Kazmierczak and Bob Nelson are released.


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